Contact Water Brings Life

Feel free to contact me at I’d love questions, suggestions or feedback.



  1. maybe we can work together somehow

  2. I’d like to talk about that! How can I contact you? You can e-mail me at

  3. If you are in Raleigh, I might be able to assist some with your project. Check out I’m sure we could figure a way to coordinate some efforts. I have several school programs going on that day but I may be able to provide some resources. Our company, Spero Group, started by wanting to do something about the water crisis. Email me at

    i am jamel hanbli from tunisia.
    am independent inventor.i have US PATENT NO 7125485.
    water cooler / water purification systme.
    can you visit is invention at
    i have recive many prize and gold medal arrond in world.
    for more information concernig my history.
    plesae see google or yahoo site ./HANBLI JAMEL/
    Thank you for your cooperation

  5. Is it possible to donate a milk jug(s) so you could fill them with water and donate them to area around the world that need fresh clean water?

  6. I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and i must say very good stuff.
    I will surely bookmark your website.

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