Posted by: Alicia | November 25, 2008

Goal for World Water Day 2009

So, I’ve noticed that “World Water Day 2009” is far and away the most common search that brings people (you all) to this blog.  The second most common search that brings you here is “Oprah.”  It finally occured to me to let you know what my BIG FAT SCARY goal for World Water Day 2009 is.

Here, let me give you a hint.

My goal is to get Oprah excited about helping solve the world water crisis. She’s a philanthropist of the highest order. She focuses on issues that directly concern women and children…which the water crisis certain does. Look what happens to book sales when she mentions a book on her show. This is an excerpt from the October 10, 2005 edition of Business Week,

How does Oprah Winfrey do it? And why does no one else — TV pundit, critic, or retailer — have anything like her influence among book readers? On Sept. 22, Winfrey announced that the next pick for her television book club would be James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, a memoir of alcohol, drug addiction, and detoxification. Within four days, club aficionados bought 85,000 copies, reckons publisher Anchor Books. An additional 615,000 books bearing the Oprah’s Book Club seal await purchasers at stores.

…Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the Oprah phenomenon is how outsized her power is compared with that of other market movers. Some observers suggest that Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show could be No. 2. Other proven arm-twisters include Fox News’s Sean Hannity, National Public Radio’s Terry Gross, radio personality Don Imus, and CBS’ 60 Minutes. But no one comes close to Oprah’s clout: Publishers estimate that her power to sell a book is anywhere from 20 to 100 times that of any other media personality.

85,ooo copies of a book sold in 4 days.  Let’s just estimate that meant $20/book.  That’s $1.7 million…in four days.

What do you think would happen if Oprah did a 5 minute segment on the world water crisis on Friday, March 20, 2009…the Friday before World Water Day (March 22) 2009?  What if she challenged her viewers to donate money to a water aid organization like Living Water International or The Water Project?  I wonder if Oprah’s viewers could single handedly provide safe drinking water and sanitation for an entire African nation?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Ideas?  Comments?  What do you think?



  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. I think that getting Oprah on your team would make a huge impact on the water project.

    I would love to help you do this.

    (Perhaps when you get on TV you can also mention the trafficking issues in southeast Asia??)

  2. Kerry – you get your own Oprah show. 😉
    Mentioning philanthropists reminded me of Bill Gates. He and his wife are INSANE philanthropists and really interested in children – they might be a good source for tapping at some point.

  3. Wow, that would be really amazing, she defenitly is a person people listen to.

    But how do you plan on doing this? ..

    If I can help (i hav eno idea how), I would love to.

    Cheers, for a reduction of the daily water uses –

  4. Alicia,

    While we all would be tickled to be on Oprah’s, we should settle for plan B (or C, D, …) because that’s in our hand.

    Being me, I speak up for water whenever there’s the slightest chance that someone might listen.

    What still puzzles me: In Europe, they have those water-saving toilets with “small” and “large”. Why aren’t they selling here? Now I wish Oprah would take up this…

    Water greetings!

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  5. x

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