Posted by: Alicia | October 13, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Last year, $450 billion was spent on Christmas in the United States. $11.4 billion would bring a sustainable clean drinking water source to every person on the planet.

This isn’t a fundraiser. It’s not a guilt trip. Advent Conspiracy, like Water Brings Life, doesn’t collect any money for their own use. Their dream is this. What if the people who celebrate Christmas decided to give one less gift this year for Christmas? And, what if more of the gifts that were given were relationship building rather than just objects that will collect dust and contribute to family debt? For example, what about a family exchanging hand made gifts? Or, what about giving games to each person that everyone can play on a family fun night each week? What if friends made dinners for each other? Or took each other to the zoo or a museum for a day to spend together? You get the idea.

Then, what if each person took the money they would have spent on that one gift, and they gave it to a good cause? Last year, Advent Conspiracy asked that 25% of the money each church raised during the “Give More” offering be donated to a water aid organization. They specifically recommended Living Water International…but the decision was left up to the specific church/family/etc. The movement raised over $500K. You can read about the wells that have been built here.

I’m hoping you’ll bring this idea to whomever leads your church and say, “Hey, I think we should participate in this.”

The concept is simple. Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All.

My church is on board for this. What about yours? If you talk to your pastors/elders/whomever, would you comment here? We’d love to know. And, if you need information, let us know. We can get that for you, too!


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