Posted by: Alicia | October 4, 2008

Questions to ask water aid organizations

Charles Lee, pastor of New Hope Church in Torrence, CA, has an awesome website focused on helping people who desire to be catalysts for change figure out how to do that most effectively.  Check him out here.  He has an article on his site titled, “Catalysts for Change: 5 Key Questions to Ask Clean Water Organizations.”

His questions are:

1. Does your organization test water quality?

2. How does your organization address the “sustainability” of the water wells?

3. How does your organization involve local communities in its water well projects?

4. Does your organization pair sanitation facilities (i.e., latrines) and hygiene education with the provision of clean water?

5. Does your organization work with community leadership to form “water committees”?

Check out his article here.  It’s good stuff.



  1. The best organization that I have found is Water For people. Your questions point directly to the strengths of Water For People. Community involvement, sustainability, water, sanitation, health education and a program approach is their model. Their World Water Corps provides monitoring and mapping follow up of past program work and results like 97% still working are remarkable.
    I have been involved with the North American water industry for over 32 years and because of their success I chose Water For People to support as a donor, volunteer and now I am currently on the Board of Directors.

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